PLAYER PROFILE: Cristiano Ronaldo Scores Three Against Seville. Looks To Champions League Match Against Manchester United.

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Cristiano Ronaldo, Player Profiles
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Photo: Wikipedia Commons/Jan SOLO

Photo: Wikipedia Commons/Jan SOLO

Cristiano Ronaldo scored three goals on Saturday in La Liga action against Seville in a 4-1 Real Madrid victory. Portuguese international Beto keeper Beto played in goal for Seville.

Ronaldo’s goal in the 26th minute was a brilliant long-range goal from about 30 yards out that Beto could do nothing about.

The Seleção captain will play his former club Manchester United on Wednesday in Madrid for the first time since leaving in 2009. Old manager Sir Alex Ferguson has praised the Portuguese winger comparing him to French great Zinedine Zidane.

“Florentino Perez had all the Galacticos at Real Madrid when he was president first time around,” Sir Alex told reporters. “He had [Luis] Figo, Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Raul in that spell. But I don’t think any of those players were as good as Ronaldo,” Ferguson said.

“Zidane was a fantastic player, Figo was a fantastic player. But not as good as Ronaldo. So I think Mourinho’s team are still living up to the reputation that Real Madrid can produce the top players.”

His former teammate at Manchester United Gary Neville also praised the Portuguese’s star’s unique sense of the game. “He just decided his own position, which was based upon where the space was and who was the weak link. He made me realise you didn’t always need to be in your shape,” Neville

“He picks the ball up in an innocuous position, 30 yards out, does some type of shimmy I can’t even describe let alone do, beats a man and whacks it in from 25 yards,” Neville added. “You can’t defend against that”

“Then he scores a counter-attack goal when he chases 80 yards forward, then he preys on the back of the centre-back and scores a hat-trick inside 30 minutes.”


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