Defensive mistakes continue to plague Portugal, as Edgar Borges’ U20 squad drew 2-2 with North Korea on Monday in Turkey. The Seleção will need a win against Cuba on Thursday to go through the group stage in first-place.

Borges made a few changes to the squad that beat Nigeria on Friday. Sporting Lisbon’s Tiago Ilori replaced Tiago Ferreira in central defense. Barcelona’s Agostinho Cá replaced Ricardo Alves in midfield, while Ricardo Esgaio started on the wing, in place of Ricardo Pereira.

The match began well for Portugal, when Alaje scored off a brilliant cross from João Mário. The Seleção continued to press the South Koreans, with Bruma and Aladje looking the most dangerous in the first half hour of play.

But South Korea gradually came into the match in the last ten minutes of the first half. Just before half-time, Seung-Woo Ryu got in between Ilori and Edgar Ié, delivering a brilliant shot that goalkeeper José Sá could not handle.

Portugal began the second-half with a sustained period of pressure. In the 60th minute, Bruma fired a hard shot just outside the box that eluded Korean goalkeeper Chang-Geun Lee. It was the Sporting Lisbon winger’s third goal in two matches.

After a series of poor clearing attempts, Hyun Kim was able to score inside the box to level the score at 2-2 with 15 minutes left.

After the match, manager Edgar Borges stressed that Portugal must start taking advantage of good scoring opportunities.

“It was a very competitive match, with each club playing a different style of football. What made the difference was the efficiency of the South Korean offense. In three good scoring opportunities, they scored two goals. We had many more opportunities, but we did not capitalize on the majority of our chances,” he said of his team’s performance.

“Korea was not surprising, nor did they demonstrate anything that we did not already know. The truth is that they played their game very well,” he added.

VIDEO: Bruma’s Goal Against South Korea At U20 World Cup

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