Portugal and Finals Appearances at Youth Level

Despite its modest size and wealth, relative to its neighbours, Portugal has punched far beyond its weight in footballing terms.

Much of that success could be attributed to its youth development system. Portugal’s recent success at the U19 European Championships was just the latest achievement.

Portugal have made six finals in the last eight years at youth level. In comparison, the country made only three finals in the previous decade in total.

In 2019, Helio Sousa (Pictured) will be at the helm when the country competes at next summer’s U20 World Cup, hoping to complete a hat-trick of titles.

But, development does not end at youth level. It goes beyond that. Winning titles is always a good thing but much depends on what happens to these players after the tournaments end, particularly at club level.

Overall, Portugal have won 12 times in 24 finals at youth level.

Year Opponent Tournament Result
2018 Italy U19 Euro Won 4-3 in extra time
2017 England U19 Euro Loss 1-2
2016 Spain U17 Euro Won 1-1, 5-4 in extra time
2015 Sweden U21 Euro Loss 0-0, 3-4 on penalties
2014 Germany U19 Euro Loss 0-1
2011 Brazil U20 World Cup Loss 2-3 in extra time
2003 Spain U16 Euro Won 2-1
2003 Italy U19 Euro Loss 0-2 in extra time
2000 Czech Republic U16 Euro Won 2-1 in extra time
1999 Italy U18 Euro Won 1-0
1997 France U18 Euro Loss 0-1 in extra time
1996 France U16 Euro Won 1-0
1995 Spain U16 Euro Won 2-0
1994 Germany U18 Euro Won 1-1, 4-1 on penalties
1994 Italy U21 Euro Loss 0-1 in extra time
1992 Turkey U18 Euro Loss 1-2 in extra time
1991 Brazil U20 World Cup Won 0-0, 4-2 on penalties
1990 Soviet Union U18 Euro Loss 0-0, 2-4 on penalties
1989 East Germany U16 Euro Won 4-1
1989 Nigeria U20 World Cup Won 2-0
1988 Spain U16 Euro Loss 0-0, 2-4 on penalties
1988 Soviet Union U18 Euro Loss 1-3 extra time
1971 England U18 Euro Loss 0-3
1961 Poland U18 Euro Won 4-0


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