Portugal and finals appearances at youth level

Despite its modest size and wealth, relative to its neighbours, Portugal has punched far beyond its weight in footballing terms.

Portugal have made seven finals in the last decade at youth level. In comparison, the country made only three finals in the previous one.

Helio Sousa (Pictured) won the U17 and U19 European titles, which remain the last titles Portugal have added. Sousa has since moved onto to coach Bahrain’s senior side.

Most recently, the same generation lost to Germany in the final of the U21 European Championships, a tournament Portugal is missing from their trophy case.

Overall, Portugal have won 12 times in 25 finals at youth level.

2021GermanyU21 EuroLoss 0-1
2018ItalyU19 EuroWon 4-3 in extra time
2017EnglandU19 EuroLoss 1-2
2016SpainU17 EuroWon 1-1, 5-4 in extra time
2015SwedenU21 EuroLoss 0-0, 3-4 on penalties
2014GermanyU19 EuroLoss 0-1
2011BrazilU20 World CupLoss 2-3 in extra time
2003SpainU16 EuroWon 2-1
2003ItalyU19 EuroLoss 0-2 in extra time
2000Czech RepublicU16 EuroWon 2-1 in extra time
1999ItalyU18 EuroWon 1-0
1997FranceU18 EuroLoss 0-1 in extra time
1996FranceU16 EuroWon 1-0
1995SpainU16 EuroWon 2-0
1994GermanyU18 EuroWon 1-1, 4-1 on penalties
1994ItalyU21 EuroLoss 0-1 in extra time
1992TurkeyU18 EuroLoss 1-2 in extra time
1991BrazilU20 World CupWon 0-0, 4-2 on penalties
1990Soviet UnionU18 EuroLoss 0-0, 2-4 on penalties
1989East GermanyU16 EuroWon 4-1
1989NigeriaU20 World CupWon 2-0
1988SpainU16 EuroLoss 0-0, 2-4 on penalties
1988Soviet UnionU18 EuroLoss 1-3 extra time
1971EnglandU18 EuroLoss 0-3
1961PolandU18 EuroWon 4-0

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